Friday, June 3, 2011

Truly Blessed

This Monday Emily Grace Bourne will be 2 months old. She was born on April 6th at 2:15am weighing 7lbs 13ounces 23inches. I had an excellent labor and was truly blessed by the love and support of my Amazing midwives and my husband Jesse who is always my rock through the whole thing.

Since I had midwives I was able to leave the hospital almost immediately after having the baby.We were home by 4am that morning before Elly had a chance to realize that we were gone. I was very grateful to my wonderful parents and in-laws who would come and take Elly to the park and spend time with her so that I was able to recover and get the rest I needed without feeling guilty that Elly was being ignored. I was also very lucky to have friends who brought me food and took the time to make sure that I was doing well.

Elly is a great big sister and is always concerned when Emily cries – and runs to her saying Emmy sad sad sad – it is so sweet and I cannot believe how blessed I feel to have these wonderful girls in my life. Emily is an excellent baby she sleeps well and has the most beautiful smile, I have fallen in love again – and really feel so blessed to have such an amazing family.

These pictures were taken when Emily was 3 days old by Elizabeth Cranmer.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maternity Pictures - 30 Weeks

By this next post you will be able to tell that I wasn’t kidding when I said that I love to get family pictures. I am now 30 weeks pregnant so I called up Liz to take some maternity pictures. Elly and Jesse were both done before we started (although I cannot blame them we have had a few this year) but as always Liz did a great job.

Christmas 2010

Christmas was a lot of fun we spent the week before Christmas in Magrath with Jesse’s family, it was a nice and relaxing week and they were so good to us. We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Jesse’s mom’s side then went for an amazing dinner at Jesse’s Dad’s. It was a full day Elly was very tired by the end.

Since we missed Christmas with my parents this year we invited them over for dinner and to open gifts. Elly was so excited to open more presents and could not rip off the paper fast enough.

Decorating Cookies

This Christmas we decorated sugar cookies with Elly for the first time and it was so much fun. Elly did a really good job cutting the dough for the cookies but I think that she ate more icing then she was putt on the cookies so mom and dad took over that part.

Cute as can Bee!

Halloween was a lot of fun – and we all looked as CUTE AS CAN BEE! Elly and I were bumble bees and Jesse was our bee keeper. We went to the ward Trunk or Treat and took Elly to visit the Grandparents.

Family Pictures - October 2010

As you may have realized I love to get family pictures taken and so when my parents said that they wanted to get together to take family pictures and they were up to going with my favourite photographer I was very excited (visit her blog here It was a beautiful October day and even though I am almost 4 months pregnant in these pictures I think they turned out ok (probably thanks to a sweet friend of mine who helped out with my wardrobe).

Trip to the Zoo

We had a really fun summer; we stayed in Calgary for the most part but took time to go to the beach and the zoo. Here are some pictures of Elly and I at the zoo with my sisters.